Arabia Saudita. Single-family house

Concorso di progettazione internazionale

L'Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) invita a partecipare al concorso internazionale avente per oggetto la progettazione di una single-family house.Iscrizione entro 2/04/2003

The Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) invites submissions of design of a single-family house.

In preparing the design a number of factors have to be taken into consideration, these factors can be viewed in the competition book or competition site in the net.

This is an international competition and is open to professional architects, designers, and architectural students worldwide.

Two sets of submission will be accepted and judged separately for professionals and students. Submissions can be made by individuals or groups.

sito web (bando, documentazione, registrazione)

Registration and competition book request deadline: 2 April 2003
Submission deadline: 6 December 2003


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