Landscape Architecture. Look from home

international exhibition-competition

A Mosca al "Dom na Brestskoy" le migliori proposte progettuali relative a cinque categorie.scadenza 20/09/2006


The International Exhibition-Competition "Landscape Architecture. Look from home" is annually held in Centre for architecture and construction "Dom na Brestskoy", Moscow, Russia.

This exhibition is a great forum in the field of architecture and interior design, which draws attention of professionals as well as of ordinary people and mass-media.

Famous architects and designers from Russia, the countries of the former USSR and from all over the world participate in it.

This year it will be held from the 19th of October till the 23d of October, 2006 in Moscow, Russia.


Grand-prix competition: The main idea of the competition is to choose the best proposals within 4 categories architecture-planning, architecture-artistic and landscape means of planning area.


PRIZES: The best project is awarded the Grand Prix.

A winner in each category will be awarded a certificate and bonuses Special prizes of organizers, sponsors and participants.

The annual Bolotov Award is made in recognition of substantial contribution to forming and development of landscape architecture.


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