Un nuovo campus per Bezalel a Gerusalemme

concorso internazionale di architettura

La Bezalel Academy indice un concorso di architettura per la nuova città universitaria nel centro di Gerusalemme.iscrizioni entro 11/01/2007


The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is conducting an international architecture competition for the design of its new campus in the center of Jerusalem, and invites architects from around the world to participate.

The design of the new campus should reflect the special needs of a creative environment and the various fields of interest amongst its young and creative users.  We would wish to maximize interaction amongst students, create an inviting atmosphere for lecturers, and to allocate spaces for welcoming and contact with the general public. This should be attained through the design of informal meeting areas and spaces for exhibitions and lectures.

Phase I
The objective of Phase I of the competition is to develop ideas and concepts for the design of the new campus according to the programme (available in the Competition Documents) and to provide a basis for further planning in Phase II.

Phase I is open and anonymous, and between 3 to 5 design proposals will be selected to compete in Phase II. In addition, 5 design submissions will be awarded honourable mentions. All submissions will be published on the competition website under the name of the registrant and team members with the announcement of the results.

Registration for this phase will be via the registration form on this website and by payment in the sum of $100 US, or 450 Shekels.

An automated system will produce a User Name and Password sent to the email of each registrant and will be used later to make a submission via the website.

The official language of the competition is English and all proposals shall be submitted in English.  


BRIEF www.bezalel-competition.org.il



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